5.8m Camioneta de pasajero mini bus ckz6581d

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5.8m Camioneta de pasajero mini bus ckz6581d

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The mini bus ckz6581d is developed for towns and villages , urban communities , tourism . The unique non-bearing body, the split structure of the chassis ,two rear-wheel can carrying capacity of 4.2 tons , especially suitable for rural passenger load which always has overloading and high- intensity running . Unique half-length head design , makes the air drag coefficient smaller than the corresponding level truck about 20% and effective in reducing fuel consumption . vehicle inside upright space is 1.74m , 0.48 meters wide passangerway , can load more passengers and more convenient passengers flow.
The left and right-hand drive door and passenger door, are convenient to the passengers to get on and off, can realize self-service ticketing
to reduce operational costs .


LxWxH: 5760 x 1910 x 2350 mm
Curb Weight:4200 kg
Max speed: 100 km/h
Capacity of passengers:10-17
Fuel type: Diesel, gasoline is optional
Engine model:jx493zlq3
Engine position: fronte
Maximum Power:85kw
Maximum torque:285 Nm/rpm
Emission Standard:Euro iii
Chasis Model: eq6552k3ac
Suspension: less-leaf spring shock absorber
Steering system:Mechanical recirculating ball steering
Clutch:Single, dry diaphragm spring
Gear box: 5+1 speed
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5.8m Camioneta de pasajero mini bus ckz6581d

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