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Wheel lock set of 4 - m14 x 1,25 ku + 1 adapter chrome
Wheel lock set of 4 - m14 x 1,25 ku + 1 adapter chrome
18,20 € / ud
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Wheel lock set of 4 - m14 x 1,25 ku + 1 adapter chrome

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18,20 € / unidad
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IVA y gastos de envío no incluidos
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The vehicle tuning is not just about the look or the performance of a vehicle, the security is an important aspect dar. It can be differentiated in the active and passive safety. To active safety is one of the driving stability, while the passive safety means, for example, protection against accidents or theft. Anyone who has spent much time and money in the tuning of his vehicle would like to know his vehicle safely. But there are certain parts of vehicles that can easily fall victim to a theft. Among the most frequently stolen vehicle parts are the wheels of a vehicle because the tires of a vehicle are relatively quick and fairly easy to remove. A theft of the rims is particularly annoying because they contribute a large portion of the optical appearance of a vehicle, which is also the reason that they are so popular. Moreover, it is at the rim usually a fairly expensive part of the vehicle. It is therefore appropriate to the rims of your car to be specially protected. This goal can be reached with our rim locks quickly and easily. The wheel locks are hidden in the wheel nuts a tire for example, five wheel nuts Hat, then it has a different degree, which can not be opened with a car cross. Because only the owner, the buyer of the rim locks has the right counterpart. You can use our rim locks used for all vehicle makes and models. Supplied with four bolts, each include a screw for each tire, and the appropriate adapter. Protect your wheels quickly and effectively with our rim locks!
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Palabras clave: Wheel lock set
ID producto: 24662000 | Vendido por: TANDER MARKETPLACE EUROPE SL
Fecha de alta del producto 01/02/2017 - Modificado por el vendedor 22/03/2017
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