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Pygeum africanum or prunus africana

Pygeum africanum or prunus africana
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Pygeum africanum or prunus africana

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Pygeum is an evergreen tree native to African forest regions

Pygeum is an evergreen tree native to African forest regions. It can grow to 150 feet in height. The thick leaves are oblong in shape; the flowers are small and white. Pygeum fruit is a red berry, resembling a cherry when ripe. The bark (red, brown or gray) is the part of the plant used for medicinal purposes. It has a hydrocyanic acid-like odor.The hard wood of pygeum is valued in Africa and is often used to make wagons. Powdered pygeum bark is used by African natives to treat urinary problems.

The major bark components are fat soluble compounds. Triterpenes are present (14%), including ursolic, oleanolic and crataegolic acids. The lipid fraction contains fatty acids, which are 12 to 24 carbons in length. The ferulic acid esters are those bound to n-tetracosanol and n-docosanol. N-docosanol has been used in some patent medicines. Phytosterols present in pygeum include beta-sitosterol, beta-sitosterone and campesterol.Tannins have also been found in the plant.
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