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Cold Lipo Laser Body Slimming Machine
Cold Lipo Laser Body Slimming Machine
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Cold Lipo Laser Body Slimming Machine

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2.200 € /unidad
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Cold Lipo Laser Body Slimming Machine

The most effective low level laser smartlipo newest lymph drainage laser slimming machine with weight loss and body contouring without pain, needles and down time

Low levels of diode laser energy emitted by LumiSlim stimulate the fat cell membranes, changing their permeability. The cells lose their round shape, and intracellular fat is released. Then the fatty triglycerides flow out of the disrupted cell membranes and into the interstitial space, where they gradually pass through the body's natural metabolic functions with no harmful physiological effects, to be used as an energy source for the body. This process does not alter neighboring structures such as the skin, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves. It is not merely the liquefaction of fat but instead it is the instant breakdown of the fat cells, otherwise known as lipolysis.
8 big paddles , each pads with 8 diode lamp, 4 small paddles . each pads with 1 diode lamp. Can treat 2 clients at the same time..

The advantage of diode laser slimming
• Immediate Results
• Completely Safe
• No Starvation Diets
• Long last & natural results.
• Pain free treatment.
• No consumables or disposals.
• no need professional operator .
• No beautician operate in whole process
• The newest technology. the simple unmanned operation treatment way
Technical specification

Input Power : 100/240v, 50/60Hz
Max. power consumption : 200w
Fuses - 5a Ceramic timed
Classification - Electrical Class 1, Type b applied part
Wavelength : 650nm

Energy output : 34 x 100mW
Output Frequency : 1Hz~100Hz
Cooling requirements - Air cooled
Mode of operation - Pulse, Continuous
Pack Size (height x width x depth) ... 550x 550x 470 mm
Palabras clave: Body Slimming , Body Slimming Machine , Cold Laser , Cold Lipo Laser , Lipo Laser
ID producto: 10113199 | Vendido por BEIJING MEDICAL BEAUTY COMMERCE Ltd
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  • Modificado por el vendedor 18/02/2018
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